5 Minute Protein-Energy Balls

I’m almost always on the run.  Between writing, kids activities and daily tasks.  Finding a quick and healthy snack can sometimes be hard.  Especially when veggies or fruit don’t always sound appealing.  So I make up some of these protein balls to have on hand for a quick snack as I am on the go. 

Protein Balls are packed with protein and nutrients for energy and health.  These require 4 ingredients, are ready to eat in about 5 minutes and are quite tasty.  Even those little picky eaters like them!

I have included 3 recipes in here…Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut, and Strawberry Almond.  We like a variety so I make one or two different ones at a time so that way we have a choice. 

Here is a Video Tutorial...

Its Important to choose a good Protein Powder without tons of additives.  I use this kind.

What you Need

•    Almond Butter
•    Protein Powder (I use this Kind)
•    Honey
•    Oats/Peanuts/Almonds

How to Make

1.    Grab a mixing bowl.  Place 1/2cup of Almond Butter in your bowl.
2.    Choose your Protein Powder…Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry and add ¼ cup of the Protein Powder to the Almond Butter.
3.    Then add either ½ cup of Oats, Peanuts, or Almonds.
4.    Add 3 TBSP of Honey.
5.    Get your hands dirty, start mixing!  Mix until everything is combined together well.
6.    Once mixed well begin to roll into balls.  I placed on Parchment paper and once done transferred to a container for storage.  

A Simple and Easy Snack!  Enjoy!  Share below or on Facebook your favorite Kind!


Katie Bell


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