How to Eat Healthy in Your Busy Life

Are you incredibly busy?  Do you want to eat Healthy?  Great me too!  I used to say “I’m just too busy to cook and have healthy meals.”  Guess what I was wrong, shocker!  Today in this post I am going to tell you how I do.  Eating healthy can be overwhelming.  It is totally worth it though.  Before I start Lets remember three key things…

  1. No one is perfect, so drop that expectation. All we can do is our best and that is ever-changing.  Accept it!
  2. It’s a journey each and every day, take it moment to moment.
  3. Last but certainly not least, your health is designed by you. Learn what you feel best eating.  (Keep reading I’ll explain)

Aside from wanting a healthy life, we are unique individuals and what works for one person doesn’t always work for the next.  There is a ton of info out there on healthy eating…vegan, paleo, vegetarian, whole 30, functional nutrition, you name it its out there.  Anyone of these diets could be what healthy means to you or maybe not.  Healthy may mean cooking dinner when you can and ordering when you have to.  The key to eating healthy is leaving stress at the door.  The second it becomes stressful its more of a mundane task then a fun experience.  Part of leaving the stress is remember you are you and you create your own health. 

Now that we checked stress at the door, let me tell you how I started to eat Healthy.  I looked at it as an experiment.  I made it fun to cook and try new things.  Step one try something new at least once a week.  Pick a day every week that you can cook and incorporate that new something.  Eating healthy has to be fun and enjoyable or it becomes boring and inevitably you fall off.  If there is nothing new to try, experiment with your normal ingredients.  For example, chicken. We have chicken in my home every week so I try to experiment with new recipes so no one gets bored. 

Most importantly plan.  It sounds awful, it is a must though.  Plan a week ahead or a month ahead.  Choose a day each week when you plan out your meals.  You can get all you need at the grocery store eliminating extra time and money spent during the week.  Then you can take it a step further and prep your meals.  Prepping can be cooking a part of the meal, chopping ingredients, making then freezing, or using a crockpot.  Whichever works for your busy schedule is what you do.  I have found that planning and prepping are lifesavers especially when days get away from me and its dinner time before I know it.


You don’t have to make everything.  Find shops near by that can provide fresh, organic, and local foods to bring into your home.  When you know you are going to be super busy, use a meal service.  Hello fresh and Blue Apron and both wonderful services.  They deliver fresh and healthy foods prepped with instructions for cooking.  You could use these services a couple times a week or just when you know you will need them.  Either way it’s a great tool to keep in the tool belt. 

When everything fails and cooking is not an option, go back to number 2 and take a deep breath.  Order something as healthy as you can.  And give yourself a break if its not the most healthy option.  Life isn’t perfect and neither are we.  When I stopped holding myself up on a pedestal of perfection it was much easier to create a healthy life. 

The biggest step of all is to make it important.  If eating healthy is something you want make it a priority.  Make time for it.  Make it work.  I am telling you it is possible. Use your tools.  You got this, good luck and remember breathe!


Katie Bell


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