Tips for Creating a Routine

I’ve got two kids, one under a year and one over.  I’ve got two dogs, one puppy and one adult.  A house and a husband to care for.  Let’s not forget taking care of myself and oh yea my business!  Now that is a lot to take care of in just one day.  And some of you reading this have more on your plate and some of you may have less.  Either way it doesn’t matter we all have the thought of how do I make it through the day without going crazy and pulling my hair out…how do I check everything off my list…How do I accomplish things.  

Well I have no clue…Haha.  I’m just kidding I know how I make it through the day.  In all honesty though sometimes I don’t make it through and sometimes I get nothing done and that’s just fine.  That’s why I’m writing today to share how to create a routine and how to know when its time to let the routine go.  

Creating balance in my life has always been a challenge and it wasn’t until I was doing an interview a few months ago for my 30 Day Program that something clicked for me.  The light Bulb went off!  I was interviewing Tonya, creator of Inkwell Press, you have got to check out her planners they are amazing!  As I was interviewing her she said we all think we need to be superwomen and we don’t.  Her words were slightly different, that was the basis though.  When we stop trying to fit the “mold” when we stop trying to be perfect and do everything that’s when we begin to create balance.  It is amazing what we can do for ourselves when we balance life.

Very first thing to remember, balance doesn’t just happen we have to create it.  Routines can just happen although usually if it just happens it’s not balanced.  So the first step to creating your routine is choosing to put in the effort to create balance in your life.  You can absolutely, no doubt in my mind, make this happen as long as you are ready to.  I spent months saying I wanted balance in my life and yet I couldn’t quite get there and that’s because I was waiting for it to appear.  It won’t appear.  Once I buckled down and said this is what I want and I put in the effort the balance began to form.  So step 1 choose balance and commit. 

After you commit to this journey be open to change…yes the dreaded change.  You know its really not that bad when we embrace it,  it’s fighting against change that makes it much harder.  Life is an adventure and things are always shifting.  Be open to that.  One week may look totally different then another week.  And that is just fine.  Your routine is adjustable based on life events.  One week you may have a big project to undertake so you plan around that, the next week may be totally open.   So be open to life’s twists and turns.  You can create your balance through them all.

So now that you’re committed and open to this journey, take a look at your life.  What are your daily activities?  What is most important and what can wait? The biggest question is what does your life look like now and how do you want it to look when you create balance?  You know my biggest obstacle was time management because I would forget little things like time for showers and brushing my teeth or eating meals.  Then I would be late or off on the time I set for something else.   As you are creating this balance be sure to consider all parts of your life including the small things.  As time passes you won’t have to be so conscious of the little things because you become more aware.  At first be conscious of everything.  As you look at your life and pick and choose and form this balance, embrace the transformation you are creating. 

This is a big thing you are doing here.  Transforming your life so that you have balance is huge!  Get support where you can.  Family, friends or groups, wherever you find support take it.  You don’t have to do this by yourself and I encourage you to ask questions to those around you and others in similar places.  Find out what has worked for them.  Not only find support as you create this balance, find it throughout everything.  If you have a busy week ahead ask for help or reach out to companies that help.  An example, let’s say you have a big project at work or the kids all have sports in one night and making time for dinner is tough, order from Hello Fresh or Blue Apron.  Allow yourself to get help when you need it.  Remember you don’t have to be a superhero!  Get support!

Let’s recap it’s time to create balance, its time to create a routine.  First you have got to commit to the processes and the journey.  You have to open up and embrace the transformation you are about to create.  And really take a good look at your life asking questions.  Get support when and as you need it.  Most importantly let go of perfection.  Just be you and do what you can. 

Now get out there and create this thing called balance we have been taking about!

You can do it, I believe in you!


Katie Bell

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